Just a bunch of people with smiles on our faces, ideas in our heads, and some ants in our pants to bring them to life.


and that's how we do it:


outdated concepts


innovative ideas


something worthwhile

To achieve this goal, we place special emphasis on cross-functional teams to combine a tailored range of skills with the right intentions.

We thereby deliver a wide range of services and expertise completely inhouse to keep project handling an easy thing and financial expenses on a low level for the client. And if a specific solution needs the last touch of an external specialist we can count on our 'awesome' network of valuable and high-quality business partners.


Daniel Schwinn

IT Consulting and Full Stack Development

There’s no such thing as an unfixable problem. Whenever you see something that’s not working or “buggy”, Dani’s already coming up with a plan to make it work!

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Frank Gauss

Cuisine Chef and Development

Websites, applications, or tasty dishes - Franky knows and finds the right ingredients and codelines as well as their perfect composition to deliver an exciting experience to customers and users.

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Micha Köly

Design and Business Development

Sketch, plan, and orchestrate the pyramids - that's what Miko probably would have done in the time of ancient Egypt. But today, with modern technology - Why limit it to pyramids?

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Collaboration, communication and trust are the most important driving forces to jointly create something worthwhile that fully satisfies all participants and the targeted customer/user group.

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