It all starts with a little spark!

The idea about some product or service that creates a special value to customers, users, observers.
Regardless of the respective origin, i.e. being a business driven, personal driven, or creatively driven thought, we’ll give your idea the chance to grow and to become a reality by making it visually tangible and perceptible.


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Concept & Prototyping

In the beginning of any project there is always an interesting thought or idea in someone’s head. Sometimes it is about solving a client's or end customers problem, sometimes it is about a whole commercial concept, and sometimes it’s even ‘just’ about art and creation. We put that idea on paper, disassemble it into its fundamental parts, and bring it back together while creating an entirely thought out and fully conclusive concept. We are able to deliver fast first mock-ups and prototypes to quickly obtain a realistic look & feel and be able to estimate key requirements for the project realization.

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Branding & Strategy

Based on previous concept development and first prototypes we create a brand identity that suits and represents your brand, company, or project perfectly. This brand identity covers a wide range of topics from logo creation, story development, font and color specifications, mockups for the brand presentation in various situations. With a clear formulated and devised identity in mind we can consult the client in a brand development and growth strategy to get the word out and to grow brand awareness.

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DESIGN & Photography

Good Design is always the perfect mix of an inspiring “look & feel” as well as the “utility & functionality” of the product or service. We place special emphasis on bringing in all our creativity in the creation of the user interface (UI) while preserving the best utility for the end customer. Optimizing the whole user experience (UX) by making use of specific design elements and development iterations built on real feedback improves the usability of the product or service to become as intuitive as possible. For that, we bring together typography, visuals (photography and videography), forms and colors and compose it to a fully responsive design to make the experience accessible from all the devices.


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In close cooperation with our project partner we work out tailor-made concepts for a range of cutting-edge web applications and websites that create a kick ass user experience by uniting appealing design with the needed functionality built on the newest technologies out there. These functionalities include a range of services from dynamic content management systems and fully functional e-commerce shops to flexible and comprehensive management platforms and booking systems. All of  them being accessible for all common browsers and devices by incorporating a fully responsive design.

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One of our main goals is to provide the client with the highest flexibility and independence during and especially after the completion of a project in regards to the operation and use of the created product or service. To ensure this, we keep pace with the times and build on the newest technologies in the market. And if there is no solution available that suits your project perfectly, we built functionalities and extensions ourselves which will do so. If wanted, we provide you with personalized tutorials and instruction brochures and you can always book us for face-to-face coaching sessions.

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We are happy to continue with supporting you after the official completion of a project. In the case of developed apps, websites and software packages this means support, maintenance and improvement based on service level agreements (SLAs) perfectly tailored to your needs. In the case of branding and strategic topics, we continue to work with you on strategy implementation and support you, for example, in the production and use of topic-specific content and material.





Collaboration, communication and trust are the most important driving forces to jointly create something worthwhile that fully satisfies all participants and the targeted customer/user group.

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